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Liquid Capsule

Product Introduction:

What is Liquid capsule?

Liquid capsule is one of two pieces hard capsule which specialized in encapsulating or sealing liquid or semisolid preparations.

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  • Why Choose Us?
  • Liquid dosing make medicine easy to be absorbed: liquid-filled capsules can be mildly absorbed and act rapidly. In human body, active ingredients in Herbal and nutraceutical medicine is usually degraded to liquid firstly and then absorbed, thus the dosing method of liquid-filled capsules makes the absorption process finished within one step. Especially for poorly water-soluble substances, liquid-filled capsules can effectively improve their bioavailability.
  • Compare with other similar produce
  • Compare with soft capsules
    The oxygen permeability of liquid-filled capsules is lower than that of soft capsules, which make the contents hard to be oxidized, as well as cover up their smell. Without plasticizer, can disintegrate rapidly and never adhesive. The production process is simple, flexible and able to achieve small batch production. Different with soft capsules containing starch and plasticizer (such as glycerin and sorbitol), liquid-filled capsules may meet your "pure" product label requirements, such as: no starch, gluten, additives and preservatives.
  • Compare with tablets
    Medicine formulation design for liquid-filled capsules is much simpler and faster than tablets, which accelerate the time to market. Liquid-filled capsules can reliably protect highly active medicine, prevent the deterioration and maintain the medical effect with good oxygen barrier property. The uniformity of medicine is also better, especially when the content of the dose level is low.
  • Liquid preparations with beautiful appearance, we can provide both gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules with a variety of sizes and colors are available.


    We can provide HPMC, Pullulan, Gelatin liquid capsule.

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