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GAR(Gastric Acid Resistant)Empty Capsule

Product Introduction:

What is GAR(Gastric Acid resistant)Empty Capsule?

Entersoluble empty capsule is made of enteric coating which doesn’t dissolve in gastric juice but dissolves in intestinal juices, called targeted fixed-point material for producing capsule. It is often used for special pack in which drug or health care products is irritating to the stomach or instable on contacting with the acid and dissolves as well as brought into use in the intestines.

  • Feature
  • Size
  • Why Choose Us?
  • The appearance of Enterosoluble capsule expands the areas of application of capsule and brings more convenient, quick, effective solution for people to take special drugs. Besides, it also makes it possible for drug enterprises to produce quick, abundant and low cost special enteric gelatin drug.
  • Intestine-positioned-drug-feeding can significantly improve drug efficacy(reduce dosage of intake ), meantime, it can reduce harmful response and make it more convenient for the patients; besides, it can also provide the best absorption site for avoiding taking protein and peptide drugs by month or degradation of health care products.
  • Targeted-fixed-point release: It doesn’t disintegrate and has no crack in gastric juice for 2 hours, and it disintegrates and dissolves in intestines juice within 30 minutes, supplying complete solution for protein and peptide drugs and live bacteria preparation.

  • Items Specifications
    Disintegration Time Intact in gastric fluid:>120 min
    Dissolution in intestine fluid:<30 min

  • GAR(Gastric Acid Resistant)HPMC Capsule
    We supply all sizes of GAR HPMC capsules, that conforms to Pharmacopoeia Delayed Release capsule standard. It has both advantage of Intestine-positioned-drug-feeding and vegetable capsule shell.
  • GAR (Gastric Acid Resistant) pullulan capsule
    The unique formulation and manufacturing technologies to make this unique Delayed Release capsule. GAR vegetable capsule that not assure APIs safe passing through gastric acid and released in human intestinal, it also retained oxygen barrier properties of pullulan to protect oxygen sensitive APIs.
  • GAR gelatin capsule
    We offer all regular sizes and custom-made pharmaceutical GAR gelatin capsule.
    We only use best pharmaceutical grade and Halal certified bovine gelatin.
    No preservative, no ETO sterilization.


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