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HPMC Vegetable Empty Capsule

Product Introduction:

What is Vegetable Empty Capsule? What is HPMC raw material?

Empty capsule which is fully made from vegetable source, called Vegetable Empty Capsule.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose or hypromellose cellulose, abbreviated to HPMC, is made from highly-purified cottonseed hull or wood fibers.

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  • Why Choose Us?

    HPMC raw materials is

  • included in pharmacopoeia monographs of many countries;
  • approved by FDA and EMA as food additive for direct or indirect applications;
  • listed in GRAS monographs GRN 000213;
  • approved in WHO’s JECFA database with no intake limits;

  • The Advantage of HPMC Vegetable Empty Capsule

    HPMC Vegetable Empty Capsules is one of the best valued vegetable capsules available. HPMC capsules are
  • HPMC based and recognized by many countries as a valid vegetable alternative for gelatin capsules. HPMC capsules are KOSHER and HALAL certified. It is a perfect choice for companies whose customers have diversified religion requirements.
  • HPMC capsules contains 60% less moisture than gelatin capsules.
  • HPMC capsules remain non-brittle and stable even the moisture is absorbed by the contents to very low level. It is an excellent delivery vehicle for hydroscopic contents.
  • Easy to go further coating with GRAS or traditional formula.
  • No crosslink with aldehydes.
  • HPMC capsules are as resilient and flexible as gelatin capsules. They run very well on general high speed automatic encapsulation machine (over 99.9%).
  • HPMC capsules can be colored and printed easily as gelatin capsules to meet customers’ needs.
  • The appearance and technical performances of our HPMC capsules are very consistent from batches to batches, and are equal to high quality gelatin capsules. Therefore, no adjustments are necessary for customers who use gelatin capsules in their operations.
  • Less stringent requirements for storage and transportation.
  • Our HPMC material which used for HPMC capsule production is derived from pine trees of east coast of United States.


  • We supply complete series of pharmaceutical empty capsules.
  • Our plants meet to the latest GMP standards.
  • Our Empty Capsule rejection within 0.1 %.
  • Our product’s quality surpass international Pharmacopoeia standard (EP,USP,CP).
  • Our products do not contain preservative, and we never use ETO sterilization.
  • Our products are Kosher and Halal certified.
  • We only use NON-GMO ingredients.
  • We can supply HPMC Vegetable Empty Capsule within 15 days after place order.

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